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YMC is Courageous and Bold

mido-pic“In this quest for your daily bread, has the fear of disappointment made you too weak to conduct your search? When I'm at work, at least my hope for success is greater. Load the ship and set out. No one knows for certain whether the vessel will sink or reach the harbor. Cautious people say, "I'll do nothing until I can be sure". Merchants know better. If you do nothing, you lose. Don't be one of those merchants who won't risk the ocean”

“Why is the fear of disappointment holding you back from engaging in the search for the spirt? Haven't you seen the tremendous gains made by the people in our market, such as gains made by the prophets and the saints? What outstanding opportunities have come to them by going to this kind of store, and how great are the profits they've made in this business!” (Rumi)

With YMC successful growth has been achieved by innovators courageously exploring and interacting to exchange ideas. YMC has worked and studied with the best who come from different backgrounds, absorbed knowledge and has the correct mindset to lead change.

The YMC Values

YMC holds to 5 values:

  1. Growth is Key - Businesses can only continue to be successful if they grow. Growth enables investment and fuels innovation. That is success.
  2. Culture is King - Businesses must learn from and embrace different marketing cultures to grow. Marketing cultures from top tier multinationals blended together offer inspirational ways to achieve growth.
  3. Real Leadership - In order to grow in business we must be true and real to ourselves and others. Only by being real can a business achieve sustainable growth.
  4. Innovative Ways - Innovation is key to driving business growth. Reviving and renewing old ways of doing things plus creating new ways is important. The use of technology is also key to drive continual growth in a Blue Ocean way.
  5. Achieve Balance - Achieving a healthy balance in all aspects of business is important for optimal growth.