Build your brand and business with an embedded CMO and leader.

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Build your brand and business with an embedded CMO

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Imagine a business that delivers continuous growth whilst balancing consumer needs with shareholder expectations. That’s a business driven by Your Marketing Chief (YMC). Your Marketing Chief drives growth, fosters innovation, leads digital transformation and changes organizations to be marketing driven. This is done by embedding the CMO into the organization to deliver quickly.

YMC Uses FUZN™ Marketing

YMC uses the Best-in-Class FUZN™ school of Marketing for business growth. FUZN™ Marketing (pronounced fusion) is a system that combines best practices from diverse sources in a cohesive manner that works for growth.

In science, fusion is the process where two or more atomic nuclei join or fuse together to form a heavier nucleus producing vast amounts of energy. Hence, FUZN™ Marketing with CPG/FMCG marketing roots, combines different influences together to offer a superior methodology that is dynamic and successful. These influences include diverse industries, categories and markets. There is just the right balance of marketing as a science and as an artform. That is why YMC has been successful in leading companies into new territories whilst working in trending industries.

YMC And The Embedded CMO

By embedding the CMO directly into businesses, YMC has been able to lead, successfully create strategy and execute. Marketing is the voice of the consumer and customer and must be at the heart of any business. With strong leadership and marketing alphatization, YMC has transformed the mindset of organizations.

The embedded CMO has +20 experience across top tier multinationals whilst at the same time being chartered and certified including in the digital space. In addition, the embedded CMO has been exposed to executive education at the top business schools. The embedded CMO also serves on several boards showcasing examples of leadership in topics that include the below:

  • Mindfulness and Humanistic Leadership
  • Company Purpose
  • Marketing Alphatization and The Rising CEMO – Chief Executive and Marketing Officer
  • Business Growth
  • Digital Transformation – including Big Data, AI, VR/AR, Machine Learning, Game Engine and The Metaverse
  • Innovation
  • ESG – including Sustainability and Planet Amelioration
  • Cybersecurity
  • Diversity, Inclusion and Equity

The YMC Spirit

YMC draws inspiration from two distinct places - California, USA and the UAE. Hence YMC operates out of both locations with additional presence in other markets.

California provides a spirit that is unmatched anywhere else in the world. Truly innovative, free and groundbreaking, offering companies the tools needed to make a difference. This is in the very DNA of California. That is why cities such as Los Angeles and San Francisco and the surrounding areas fuel innovation and entrepreneurial start-ups.

The UAE inspires an attitude of pushing boundaries and achieving the impossible at pace. The grandeur and speed of development has become the envy of the world. That is why previously unheard-of cities such as Dubai and Abu Dhabi are now must-see destinations.

The YMC Track Record of Success

With +20 years of marketing and leadership experience YMC has transformed organizations to be marketing, digital and innovation driven. Using the Best-in-Class FUZN™ school of marketing YMC has put businesses on a fast track to success.

YMC has worked across a number of industries and markets, transferring skills and learnings. Below the YMC formula for success:

FUZN™ Marketing + Embedded CMO + YMC Spirit = Success

YMC is open to discuss mandates. Get in touch.

Be Different,

Mido Chishty