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welcome to Your Marketing Chief.com

mido casual webMy name is Mido Chishty and I would like to invite you to explore FUZN™ Marketing for your business growth. FUZN™ Marketing (pronounced fusion) is a system that combines best practices from diverse sources in a cohesive manner that works for growth. In science we learn about fusion being the process where two or more atomic nuclei join or fuse together to form a heavier nucleus producing vast amounts of energy. By combining different influences together in FUZN™ Marketing I am able to offer a superior methodology that is dynamic and successful. My vision is to be a global leader of FUZN™ inspiring both organizations and individuals with the system.

Born in the same year that the United Arab Emirates (UAE) was born, I have been infused with the progressiveness of Dubai and the traditions of Abu Dhabi with a touch of California charm.  This has inspired all that I do. I have been perfecting FUZN™ Marketing since my college days. I had challenged myself that I could design the ultimate marketing system. I realized that the ancient learning model of observation and personal interaction would be best suited to accomplish this. Hence I have personally experienced and then put together best practices as I have witnessed them in different marketing led organizations.  This includes both American and European companies and exposure to both marketing as a science and as an art. I have also been lucky to work across North America, LATAM, Europe, the Middle East, Africa, Asia and Australia. Now with over 20 years of combined study and experience, I feel confident that I have the right marketing ideology and Emirati innovative spirit for business growth.

I hope you will join me and allow your business and yourself to embrace FUZN™ Marketing.

Best Wishes,
Mido Chishty